Aneetha & Elankum

The weather has been really crazy this year. Specially in September, when it was suppose to be around the 25c’s, it was already down to 10′c. And like most of you already know, it was already snowing in some areas, when it wasn’t suppose to.

Anyway, I had such a great chance and wonderful time photographic the cutest couple ever! Just looking at Aneetha smiling, will definitely bring a smile to your face – Even in the awfully cold weather. We decided to do the engagement session on November 2, and we were all hoping that at least some trees would still have their leaves hanging… Lucky enough, we went to shoot in a park in Downtown Toronto, and most of the green leaves were still there and the pretty yellow ones laying on the ground! It was so perfect! Elankum with his green sweater and Aneetha with her blue scarf, I couldn’t ask for anything better than complimentary colours 🙂 And the best part is that they were not afraid to do hilarious things in front of the camera! Specially superman!

It’s 2am. I finally have some time to post the photos from their engagement session. And in a few hours, I have to be in Jordan to be the wedding photographer…Goodnight!