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Shih Tzu – Lily

Lily was such a cute and shy little Shih Tzu when I met her, and she would not leave her mom’s side for one secondView the rest!

Woofstock Summer 2012

Woofstock was absolutely amazing, a wonderful experience and something amazing to be part of! I was expecting to seeView the rest!

Mini Dachshund, Oliver

This mini dachshund was full of energy and personality! Loved it! Oliver just loves running! That chair happened to alsoView the rest!

Golden Retrievers Izzy & Sabrina

Those two were such big sucks! The minute I walked in, they started cuddling and wanted me to pet them! But how couldView the rest!

Labrador Retriever – Rascal

I had the pleasure to shoot Rascal and his owners, a few weeks ago, and all three of them were absolutely amazing! I&#View the rest!

The latest member of our Family

Zoé! You can also follow her on Facebook!View the rest!

Adopt a dog #002

All those dogs are up for adoption and you may find all those awesome canines at Toronto Animal Services West Region (View the rest!

Rescues up for adoption!

Today I got the amazing chance to meet some of the most amazing people and got to hang out with the most amazing pets!View the rest!

Two best buddies

Ava, the German Shepherd, and Tequila, a Bengal and Short hair mix, are like the two best pals in the world! Those twoView the rest!

Niño | Cocker Spaniel Photographer

What can I say about Niño? The minute I walked in, the male Cocker Spaniel grabbed his red plastic toy, ran towards meView the rest!

Griffon Mix – Chiffon

This would be my cousins’ dog, Chiffon! She’s a griffon mix, she’s awesome and super-friendly! She&#View the rest!

Chico el Chihuahua – Modern Canine Photography

Chico is about 14-year old, and he’s quite the grumpy old fart and is not a big fan of Sakic, but when it comes toView the rest!

White Husky, Dakota – Toronto Pet Photographer

Here’s Dakota! She’s white Husky with bright pastel blue eyes! My friend warned me that it would take timeView the rest!

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