Robyn and Mark’s wedding, at Ball’s Fall Conservation, was absolutely beautiful and was filled with fun and loving people! It was a really joyful wedding and I’d say that I was very lucky to be part of the day! Again, thanks Leanna for having me as your second shooter!

To make it even more stunning, Jenny and Aaron, from, did an amazing job decorating the reception hall with their signature vintage-inspired style! I shall let the photos speak for themselves. I’m really looking forward to working with Stacked Events more in the future, and would love to shoot even more vintage-style weddings!

Main photographer: Leanna Gosse of
Vintage decor and props: STACKED

All photos posted here have been shot by Jeffrey Chan Tin.


Out of all the weddings that I have shot, Mira and Milan was one of the nicest, warmest, most awesome and friendliest couple I have ever met! I was second shooting for the amazing wedding photographer, Sarah Guy of Labour of Love and got to take photos of the Milan and his grooms men getting ready at Milan’s parent’s house in Nobleton. Those guys were quite something! They were all so laid back, plain all having fun, holding guns, holding an antique Les Paul guitar, doing burn outs, standing in empty fields and what not. Mira and Milan, what an awesome and cute couple those two make! They had a really awesome King’s Riding wedding, with all their close relatives and friends. Despite the heatwave on that day, they all managed to keep their cool and had the time of the lives!

Main photographer: Sarah Guy of Labour of Love


What a fantastic wedding this was! I was so blessed to be able to photograph the wedding of Stacey and Aaron, at Hillcrest United Church in Georgetown. And not too far, this awesome person that I did not get the chance to meet, allowed us to use his gorgeous property to shoot the formals, and the front yard was an absolute piece of art. Thank you, kind stranger! After a few hours, we headed off to Teatro Conference & Event Centre, in Milton.

Stacey, Aaron, Prince Jacob & Princess Mackenzie, thank you so much for having me as your photographer! I am really looking forward to seeing you again very soon!

Niño | Cocker Spaniel Photographer

What can I say about Niño? The minute I walked in, the male Cocker Spaniel grabbed his red plastic toy, ran towards me, and insisted that I play with him! He would not stop jumping until I grabbed his toy and threw it, or at least give him a belly rub or a scratch on the back! He seemed to have no problem with all three.

He was definitely packed with personality! Fun, cuddly and loving! Niño was given a bath a few days prior and he smelled so nice and his fur was so fluffy! He sure did not mind the attention that he was being given, nor did I mind giving him the attention he wanted! Boy, was that fur soft! Niño was not a much a fan of the red backdrop, but you so cannot tell in the pictures! He was such a fun Cocker Spaniel to work with! It was like working with a kid! All fun and play!

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

White Husky, Dakota

Here’s Dakota! She’s white Husky with bright pastel blue eyes! My friend warned me that it would take time for Dakota is not very fond of strangers, but everyone’s surprise, she warmed up to me instantly! Dakota can be very shy at times. When she saw me setting up the backdrop, she didn’t want any part of it, but eventually we managed to. She’s such a cute and fluffy 4 year old Husky!