My very first, of what I hope will be many, Baby Film.

Thank you so much to some previous Wedding Clients of ours, Stacey and Aaron, who allowed me into their home to spend a Sunday afternoon filming with them and their newborn Aubrey.

Essentially this was filmed as a pilot to see if this idea is one I want to offer as a service so I hope that people enjoy watching it and your feedback is most welcome.


You’re in love, it”s your engagement session, you’re not seasoned actors and it can definitely feel awkward when you’re standing in front of the camera!

Remember the couple who won an engagement session on Wedding Obsession?. That’s them!

Here’s what Jenna and Peter did: It was definitely really awkward at first, but then they just started having fun! Smile, laugh, run around and laugh some more! It’s like a first date, except with a third wheel (me, haha) and once you broke the ice, everything will fall into place.

Thank you so much to Jenny and Aaron of Stacked Events for providing us with all the fun props! This session would just have not been the same! Thank you!

Props provided by Stacked Events


Nothing could have made me any happier than to have been the wedding photographer of Lauren and Greg and to have been the wedding photographer of Lauren’s sister,  three years ago ! Any wedding photographer would probably tell you the same thing! Referrals mean the world to me and being able to book referrals means that my clients must have truly enjoyed my work.

Time flies. I shot Stephanie and John’s wedding, three years ago and they’re already having their 2nd baby! Their first born, Alice looked like a total princess at Lauren and Greg’s wedding and their second baby will surely look just as cute, or even cuter!

Lauren and Greg’s wedding was held in Barrie, at Greg’s Dad’s farm. Yes! They had a barn wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous! Anyway, congratulations to all of you and I really hope to see you again very soon!